• In the beginning...

    Every great things has a great story behind it. The origin of COMFORI started in the United States of America and embarked on the mission to provide first-rate consulting services within America and United Kingdom. Under the auspicious leadership of Ms. Barbara St. Onge, Comfori International USA organised strategic events for the corporate and industrial arenas. Comfori USA established a platform for industrial consultants and speakers to deliver and share their knowledge and experience to people from diverse backgrounds. Thus, begins the inception of COMFORI.

  • The Rising

    On May 2002, Comfori spread its wing by opening a new office in Malaysia to extend its services for the local market. The local management team constituted of an experienced and youthful group with a vision to provide hands-on solutions and share practical international experience while maintaining the local flavour. Comfori Malaysia is led and advised by a panel of consultants whose backgrounds cover various areas in engineering, information technology, finance, and many more.

  • The Reign

    COMFORI later rises to the Western Pacific of Southeast Asia and launches Comfori Phillipines in April 2008. The regional office located in Manila, Phillipines was specifically catered to serve as a platform for training managers to source for a wide range of training services and conferences focusing on the United States and the Pacific region. Likewise, expansion plans also led to the introduction of the Middle-East and African divisions.

  • Today

    Eventually, Comfori International Sdn. Bhd. was formed due to a need for internationally-centralised operations. This entity manages all the regional offices in the pipeline. In order to accommodate for the regional expansion plans, a Comfori International office was set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2010 to serve as a centralised operations and marketing team for the Asia Pacific Region – and this is only the beginning of us.