Buildings require maintenance to ensure their functionality and ensure that they do not deteriorate to a state of creating safety concerns to users. From the highest standards of health, safety and security, to maintaining infrastructure and comfort levels, the scope of building maintenance is not only on the well-being of the buildings it manages, but also of the residents.

The importance of maintenance is unfortunately not appreciated by most owners who view it as a necessary evil and commit minimum funds for the work. This leads to a reactive mode of maintenance rather than a planned preventive approach, with implications on service quality and increasing costs as defects are inevitably attended to too late.

Maintenance efforts and programmes are bespoke to each organisation, which will set maintenance standards and service levels aligned to corporate business plans, function of the building and expected period of occupation in the building. Such considerations should be considered in the context of a framework which allows the derivation of appropriate maintenance strategies, standards, organisational structure for the work and sufficiency of maintenance budgets.
The Building Maintenance Conference 2017 is jam-packed with ideas, strategies and implementation techniques, using emerging technologies, as well as case studies from various organizations. It therefore aims to offer a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage and optimize maintenance for buildings, venues and facilities. This understanding will translate into quality improvements, reduced costs of operation and higher levels of user/tenant satisfaction.




• Gather leading industry professionals and technology experts in the field to share best practices and understand the latest building maintenance or FM trends
• Explore innovative techniques to maximise value and performance efficiency from your facilities and services
• Understand the strategic relationship between core business and property assets
• Analyse the basis for more effective outsourcing strategies
• Appreciate how to create effective service partnerships – and benefit from advanced collaborative working
• Harness the potential of Building Information Modelling and management information systems for asset maintenance


The Building Maintenance Conference 2017 returns for the 7th time to provide knowledge and skills in establishing a maintenance management framework as a precursor to efficient and cost effective work planning and execution, as well as explore fascinating trends that revolutionize the Building Maintenance industry. It covers significant aspects such as:
• The Maintenance Link between Facility Condition and Productivity
• BIM, Flow of Information, and the Maintenance Manager's Role
• Thermal Imaging for Predictive Maintenance and Repair
• Application of Energy Recovery Strategies to Large HVAC Systems
• Case Study of Maintenance Management Systems in Malaysian Complex and High-rise IBS Buildings
• Understanding Tax Implications on Building Maintenance
• Facilities Managers’ Role to Promote Employee Engagement and Productivity
• The Facility Manager of Tomorrow: How mobility & IoT are transforming the Industry
• Drones in Facilities Management
• Reliability vs. Innovation: Introducing Emerging Technologies



This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities of the following departments:
• Facilities
• Assets
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Engineering
• Properties management
• Consultants
• Civil

• Commercial Building Industry:
- Office buildings
- Shopping malls
- hotels
- hospitals
- educational institutions

• Industrial Building Industry:
- Factory cum office
- Power plant

As well as various related building types