Over the decades, these global agreements and action agendas have urged countries to change the way their societies produce and consume. Negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) also have seen detailed and prolonged debate on potential economic, regulatory and market‐based measures to address climate change through low‐carbon development, and agreement, recently, that adoption of appropriate policy measures for low carbon development are indispensable for achieving sustainable development. Green growth can enhance efficiency and productivity. Green, resource efficient technologies and practices often save resources and money compared to conventional alternatives. They enhance competitiveness over the long term, and sometimes in the short term. Relevant highlights of the 11TH Malaysia Plan

• Increase local production of green technology products
• Proliferation of green technology applications
• Expansion of green technology businesses into the global market
• Increased R&D on green technology

In Malaysia there has been many policies, legislations and promotional activities put in place to foster green growth for the nation; However, more needs to be done by all parties through strategic partnerships and collaborations; These efforts need to be long term and consistent for us to achieve green growth and overall Sustainability

The 7th Annual GreenTech Asia will deliver a solution-driven agenda that addresses the complexity and uniqueness of the GreenTech in Malaysia and worldwide. In addition to the sessions on GreenTech technology updates and development opportunities, this year’s program will discuss significant issues in term of GreenTech management in Malaysia.




• Receive an economic update on current market conditions
• Gain opportunity to engage with Malaysia & Global Green Tech industry leaders and professionals
• Discover new knowledge on exploring opportunities in the various Green Tech opportunities in Malaysia
• Learn the financial benefits of being involved in Green Tech in Malaysia
• Discuss significant issues that have often entangled property developers involved in Green Tech
• Assess future prospects of Green Tech in Malaysia


• 11th Malaysia Plan
• Eco-cities around the world and Malaysia
• Green Growth in Malaysia amidst economic hurdles
• Green Energy
• GreenTech Investment
• GreenTransport Market
• Tax Benefits with GreenTech
• Waste-to-Energy Generation


This conference is specifically tailor made for top decision makers, MDs, C-Suite Executives, VPs, GMs, HODs, City Mayors, City Government Officials of the following departments:

• Asset and Facilities Management
• Building and Infrastructure Technologies
• Building and Property Management
• City, Town and Country Planning
• Energy Management
• Engineering – Civil, Mechanical and Electrical
• Environmental and Energy Conservation
• Environmental Strategy
• Land and Administration
• Project Management
• State Authorities
• Statutory Planning
• Sustainability Development
• Urban Design and Architecture
• Urban Infrastructure Planning and Development

• Architecture and Design
• Mayor’s Office
• City Planning Municipalities/Councils
• Construction and Property Development
• Infrastructure Development
• Public Work
• Urban Wellbeing and Housing